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Bronica ETRS Medium Format KIT film camera with 75mm f2.8 lens

Bronica ETRS Medium Format film camera with Zenzanon EII 75mm f2.8 lens

All cameras come with a 6-month warranty. Please note that the AE-II Prism finder has a small blemish at the bottom of a glass element. It does not affect the image quality nor does it affect shooting, but the price has been adjusted to reflect the defect.

This kit includes:

  • Bronica ETRS Medium Format Film camera body
  • Zenzanon EII 75mm f2.8 lens (45mm equivalent)
  • AE-II Prism finder
  • Waist-level finder
  • 2x 120 film backs
  • Bronica Dark Slide 
  • Grip with manual film advance
  • Lens cap


The Bronica ETRS is a camera with an electronically controlled shutter. This means you will need 1x 4LR44 battery to be able to operate the camera.

It uses ETR-System lenses.

The Bronica ETRS is one of our personal favourite medium format cameras!
It is highly modular so once you buy your initial camera you will always be able to customise it to your taste. You can change the viewfinder, add a rewind grip or motor drive, change the focussing screen and change film backs mid roll so you will never have to pick between shooting colour or black and white again.

This camera comes with the ridiculously sharp 75mm f2.8. This is a high quality portrait lens. We've also added an extra 120 film back and a waist-level finder so you get to enjoy the Bronica shooting experience to the fullest!


  • First release year: 1976
  • Lens Mount: ETR-system
  • Power: 1x 4LR44
  • Modes: Manual
  • Format: 6x4.5

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