Holga 120SF medium format film camera with 60mm f8 lens

Holga 120 SF medium format film camera with 60mm f8 lens 

All cameras come with a 6 month warranty. 

This kit includes:

  • Holga medium format film camera
  • 60mm f8 Lens
  • Box, booklets and poster!


The Holga 120SF is a fully mechanical camera. This means it does not require batteries to operate the shutter. The 2x AA batteries are only used to power the camera’s light meter.

Ah, the Holga. A cult classic plastic-fantastic camera. Popularised by the Lomography movement, most film photographers have used or owned this simple camera at some point. It shoots medium format film and shoots 6x6 frames.

It has a built-in flash and one shutter speed. It has a plastic fixed f8 lens with some vignetting and a fixed 1/100s shutter. The SF is about as simple as it gets. Love light leaks and playing with multiple exposures? Then you'll love the Holga!



  • First release year: 2000
  • Power: 2x AA for flash
  • Modes: manual 1/100s

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