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Konica EE-Matic Deluxe 35mm Rangefinder film camera with 40mm f2.8 lens

Yashica Minister D 35mm Rangefinder film camera with Yashinon 45mm f2.8 lens

All cameras come with a 6 month warranty.

This kit includes:

  • Yashica Minister D Rangefinder


The Yashica Minister D is a fully mechanical camera. This means it does not require batteries to operate the shutter.

The Yashica Minister D is a rangefinder that is built like a tank and has a really good quality lens. It fairly small and super easy to use thanks to its all mechanical, fully automatic mode. This is the perfect camera for someone looking to enter the world of rangefinders on a smaller budget.


  • First release year: 1963
  • Power: 1.35 mercury battery
  • Modes: Fully Manual

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