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Olympus Pen-FT 35mm half-frame SLR film camera with 38mm f1.8 lens

Olympus Pen-FT 35mm half-frame SLR film camera with F. Zuiko 38mm f1.8 lens

All cameras come with a 6-month warranty.

This kit includes:

  • Olympus Pen-FT half-frame SLR body
  • Olympus F.Zuiko Auto-S 38mm f1.8 lens
  • Original lens cap


The Olympus Pen-FT is a fully mechanical camera. This means it does not require batteries to operate the shutter.

The Olympus Pen-FT is a series of truly unique cameras. Why? Three words: half-frame SLR.

Most half-frame cameras are rangefinders or point and shoots (think Olympus Pen-EE). It's rare to have a half-frame camera with interchangeable lenses and TTL-focusing. The latter especially gives you the ability to nail your shots time and time again without having to rely on zone focusing. Add to it an impressive range of lenses and you are bound to find a combo that suits your need. Add a built-in light meter in the Pen-FT and the result is one hell of a good camera!

The Pen-FT is truly a joy to use. If you often shoot portraits, this camera is for you. What's more, you'll have 72 photos per roll, giving you bang for your buck!


  • Brand: Olympus
  • First release year: 1966
  • Power: N/A
  • Modes: full manual

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