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Samsung ECX1 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera with 38-140mm Lens

Samsung ECX1 35mm Point & Shoot Film Camera with Samsung Zoom 38-140mm Lens.

All cameras come with 6 months warranty.  

This kit includes:

  • Samsung ECX1 35mm Point & Shoot


The Samsung ECX1 is a camera with an electronically controlled shutter. This means you will need a 2xCR123 batteries to be able to operate the shutter.

The Samsung ECX1 is a super sturdy camera with a 38-140mm range zoom lens making it the perfect companion for about any adventure imaginable. It is completely automatic but also supper advanced wit’s pretty much all the features you’d ever need in a camera like double exposure, bule, spot metering and more.


  • First release year: 1994
  • Power: 2xCR123
  • Modes: automatic

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