Join us this Saturday for our first Darkroom black and white printing workshop!

25/09 Workshop - Black and White Darkroom Printing Class

25/09 - Black and white Darkroom Printing workshop at Mori Film Lab.

Learn how to print your own black in white pictures in this 5h course!

Enter the revolving door and get fully immersed into the traditional art of silver print making!

Meet us Saturday the 25th of September at 10am at the shop for a short introduction then head right into our darkroom and learn how to develop your own pictures using our top of the line enlargers!

The course lasts around 5h* including a 30 minutes lunch break. At the end of it you will be able to bring your print home.


What’s included in this course?


  • A complete introduction to the world darkroom printing.
  • An explanation of the equipment and how to use an enlarger.
  • Print from your choice of negative.
  • Paper and paper developer.
  • Explanation of density, contrast and dodging & burning techniques.
  • Bring your own hand made print home.


    Please don’t forget to bring the 35mm black and white negatives you wish to print with!

    Course is multi lingual and will be given in French and English depending on the attendees.

    Taking this course will also automatically give you access to our darkroom membership.

    *please allow up to one hour extra after the scheduled end of the course