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Yashica AW-mini AF 35mm point & shoot film camera with 32mm f3.5 lens

Yashica AW Mini AF 35mm point & shoot film camera with 32mm f3.5 lens

All cameras come with a 6 month warranty. 

This kit includes:

  • Yashica AW-mini AF point and shoot


The Yashica AW-mini AF is a camera with an electronically controlled shutter. This means you will need 2x AA batteries to be able to operate the camera.

Here’s another great point and shoot from Yashica. Like most of Yashica’s point and shoots it has an amazing lens that will yield sharp and contrasty pictures. It's the camera for you if you're after a Yashica T5 on a budget. It has a great auto-focus system and a powerful flash. Perfect for low light or party snaps.

This camera has one feature that makes it super popular. Just like the Yashica T5 is has a built in waist level finder! 


  • First release year: 1990
  • Power: 2xAA 
  • Modes: Automatic

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