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Yashica Mat Medium Format TLR film camera with 80mm f3.5 lens

Yashica Mat Medium Format TLR film camera with Yashinon 80mm f3.5 lens

This kit includes:

  • Yashica Mat TLR medium format film camera


The Yashica Mat is a fully mechanical camera. This means it does not require any batteries to operate its shutter.

This is a TLR camera. This means focusing is done while looking on a viewfinder through the first lens while shooting is done through the second one. It is a very good system for 6x6 (square format) as it allows for a very compact and lightweight medium format experience.

The perfect beginner medium format camera.

The Yashica Mat was Japan’s reply to the high quality German made Rolleiflex. The camera has an impressively sharp 80mm f3.5 lens that can definitely compete with the Tessar lenses present in the Rollei cameras from the same era. It is very easy to use and the viewfinder is bright enough for most situations.


  • First release year: 1959
  • Power: NA
  • Modes: Manual
  • Format: 6x6

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