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2022 Holiday Schedule at Mori Film Lab 🏝

June 18, 2022 2 Comments

2022 Holiday Schedule at Mori Film Lab 🏝

Alright, the sun is back, people are getting tanned and your film lab is slowly going to ease into its holiday schedule!

But what’s a holiday schedule?

Well, with the sun coming back we’re receiving huge amounts of film and some of our team members are going on holiday. We’ve decided to alternate our holidays to avoid having to close for a whole month.

To ease our workflow and maintain quality our turnaround will be a bit longer than usual.

From the 21st of June until September:

🧪 35mm colour dev and scan: up to 2 days*
🧪 120 colour dev and scan: up to 3 days*

 🎞 BW dev and scan: up to 4 days*

 ✅ Negative pick up: 7 days* after receiving scans.

📮 The ULB dropbox will only be collected on Fridays.

*These are all working days. We’re closed on Sundays and Mondays, please keep that in mind when dropping off your film. 😁

Apart from than that we will remain open for you to come buy film, cameras or just say hello. 👋

We will also continue to fulfil and send all online orders.


02/08 - 13/08 - Closed for holidays 🏄‍♂️ (dropbox only 📮):

The lab will also be taking the first 2 weeks of August off.

We will use this time to do some maintenance on our internal systems and machines and get an BIG surprise ready for Septembre. 🛠

The order cut off is on Friday the 29th at 6pm.

All 35mm and 120 colour orders dropped off before that will be fulfilled.

All black and white dropped off before the 28th at 6pm will be fulfilled

Developing will resume on Tuesday the 16th of August.

During this time our dropboxes will be available and emptied regularly. This will allow you to have you film first in the queue for when we reopen. 🌟

2 Responses

Anne Hennin
Anne Hennin

December 11, 2022

Est ce vous rachetez les appareil photo argentique ?
Merci beaucoup pour votre reponse

Dieter Cox
Dieter Cox

July 25, 2022

Hi Guys!
I like your service, thanks for that! I made a youtube video on my first 120mm film roll … and I did mention you guys in the comments… maybe interesting to share the video on your page as well ? :-)


Thanks again for your service!

Kind regards,


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