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Two Broke Boys Shoot Film

March 16, 2020

Two Broke Boys Shoot Film

Two mates living the dream in the busy Belgian countryside. It doesn't get much better than this. Actually though, there's not much to do here. Which is probably why we both started shooting film. What better way to stimulate your mind than with the slow process of photography.

Pentax SP500 on Kodak Gold 200, Folx Les Caves, 2016 - Nikon F2 on Kodak Gold 200, La Panne, 2017

We both started shooting film after nicking our parent's old cameras. We often heard them say that our old mechanical cameras wouldn't take pictures as sharp as their modern digital cameras. They weren't wrong though - we had no idea what we were doing back then.
So, there we were. Two kids having the time of our lives shooting on outdated technology.

This all changed when Raf decided to spend a year abroad. This quickly became three years. Cole soon followed after finding that college wasn't his cup of tea.

We met again in Melbourne, Australia, and as any film enthusiast that ends up in Melbourne, we inevitably stumbled into FilmNeverDie. This store blew us away.. They sold tested and refurbished film cameras, they held exhibitions and classes and they processed film in-house. All of this, right in the heart of Melbourne. So much for a dead technology, right?

Cole soon started as a volunteer at FilmNeverDie. He eventually took over the lab whilst Raf started as the camera repairman. We were working our dream jobs out in sunny Australia. Work at FilmNeverDie had one serious perk: we were able to try out camera's we never thought we'd be able to shoot.

It's during this life changing trip that Two Broke Boys Shoot Film was born. Our Australian adventure has since come to an end. We're now back in Belgium and upgraded by the Aussie life, some SP3000 film scanners and a few cameras too many. We're excited to start sharing our analog adventures, cameras and at-home processing with you!

You can also find us on instagram @twobrokeboysshootfilm 😉

Philip Island Vic, 2018

Minolta SRT101 on Kodak Gold 200, Grampians Vic, 2018

FilmNeverDie, Melbourne Vic, 2019

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