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Help us make Brussel’s first community Darkroom !

May 14, 2021

Help us make Brussel’s first community Darkroom !

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Click here to access the crowdfunding campaign and discover the full project and rewards

About 7 months ago we launched our first KissKissBankBank campaign. 30 days later we had raised more than the original 5000 euro goal, which let us open the film lab of our dreams.

Since then the lab has been growing... fast. We’ve smashed all our goals and are receiving an insane amount of great feedback from our customers. This is why we’re always looking to create better opportunities for the local film community.

One of the questions we often get is if we have a darkroom or make darkroom prints. And so far the answer has always been no... until now!

We’ve received a great opportunity that would allow us to build a really big darkroom right behind the lab. We want this space to be your space. A space where you can come experiment and create because let’s face it. There's something magical about holding a photograph that YOU made from start to finish.

Help us make this project a reality by backing us now on KissKissBankBank!

The space still needs a lot of renovations done which is why we need your help to turn this dream into a reality. We’ve have therefore creating a crowdfunding campaign that will allow you to be a part of this Darkroom right from the beginning.

You will be able to receive rewards ranging from developing discounts at the lab to a 1 on 1 VIP two day class to learn everything from developing your own film all the way to printing your first images in the darkroom. There is something for everyone even if you’re not shooting on film.

All the information is available on the KissKissBankBank campaign. You can access it by clicking right here

And if you have any questions about the darkroom project you can send us an email by clicking here

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