🎞 Almost 10 000 rolls developed at the lab! 🚀 Be our number 10 000 and get 100 euros of Mori Money 💎


Welcome to the Mori Darkroom!

🚨 After months of preparation behind the curtains we are proud to announce the opening of the Mori community darkroom!

We built our darkroom with two things in mind; comfort and easy of use.

The darkroom can accommodate up to 6 printers at the time. Our fully light-tight enlarger rooms provide complete immersion and uninterrupted printing even when the darkroom is at max capacity. Our wet lab is fully equipped with a custom built sink making developing prints (up to 50x60) in trays very easy.

For faster and easier black and white print developing we also have an Ilford Ilfolab 2150RC  capable of developing print up to 50cm wide in 4 minutes wet to dry.

✨ The Mori Darkroom is before anything else a place where everyone is welcome to come and create

Just bring your negatives and start printing your own pictures the way they were meant to be!


How does it work?

When using the Mori Darkroom all chemistry and equipment is included. All you have to do is prepare your negatives, bring some paper and book a slot.

Book your session right here.

When booking you can choose which enlarger you would like to use and for how long.

Our Darkroom is currently fully equipped for black and white printing.

🎞 You can print negatives from 35mm all the way to 4x5 depending on the enlarger you’re using.

If it is your first time booking a spot in our darkroom please contact us first at darkroom@morifilmlab.com or schedule a refresher course with us.

To ensure your safety and the safety of our equipment it is a requirement that before using our darkroom you either take a darkroom class or a refresher course at the beginning of your session for a small additional cost.

You can book your refresher session here.

Colour printing is coming soon.


We want our darkroom to be open to all but also accessible for students and regular darkroom printers.

Because of this we have decided to create two price plans.

No string’s attached:

If you just want to come and print once every now and then this is the prefect option for you. All you have to do is book a spot and you’re ready to go.

  • 21 euros/hour*.
  • Booking up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Full price on paper.

Darkroom membership:

If you are planning to print regularly we highly advice you to take the darkroom membership. You can join us here for only 49 euros/month.

  • 12 euros/hour* (45% discount).
  • 10% off paper.
  • Priority booking up to 3 months in advance 
  • Priority developing if you need a film developed to go print.

You can join our membership right here!

*booking is only available in 2 hours intervals.

🔴 Never printed before?

We want to make the art of darkroom printing accessible to all. Because of this we hold regular courses for you to be able to learn how to use a darkroom and be completely independent in creating your own beautiful prints.

You can check our next available dates right here:
Beginner black and white printing course