Join us this Saturday for our first Darkroom black and white printing workshop!


Welcome to the Mori Darkroom!

After months of preparation behind the curtains we are proud the announce the opening of the Mori community darkroom!

"The process of making a photograph doesn't end when you fire the shutter."

We built our darkroom with two things in mind; comfort and easy of use.

The darkroom can accommodate up to 6 printers at the time.

Our fully light-tight enlarger rooms provide complete immersion and uninterrupted printing even when the darkroom is at max capacity.

Our 25m2 wet lab is fully equipped with a custom built sink making developing prints up in trays very easy.

For faster and easier black and white print developing we also have an Ilford 3876 capable of developing print up to 50cm wide in 3 minutes wet to dry.

The Mori Darkroom is before anything else a place where everyone is welcome to come and create. 

With or without a membership bring your negatives and start printing your own pictures the way they were meant to be!

"There's something magical about holding a photograph that YOU made from start to finish."

What do we offer?


Most importantly it should also be a place where you can learn. We want to hold regular courses for you to be able to learn how to use a darkroom and be completely independent in creating your own beautiful prints.

The darkroom is available to photographers with prior experience and to beginners who undertake one of our workshops.

If you've had a prolonged time since printing in a darkroom we can also offer an express refresher course at the beginning of your session.