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Mori's friends and family

Our friends and family: the labs we love, the labs we've worked for and the labs we recommend!

We've tried many different labs, in various countries. These are the labs we've worked for, worked with or simply loved as customers!

FilmNeverDie - Melbourne, Australia

It goes without saying that when in Melbourne, you should drop by FilmNever Die. This is where we learned everything we know. FND has dropboxes and film vending machines across the city. Their store in the CBD is conveniently located and staffed by some of the nicest people.

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A Film Lab - Hooglede, Belgium

A Film Lab is your best bet if you live in Flanders or if you prefer mail-order labs. They provide great quality scans at a very good price point. It's owned and operated by Olli, forever helpful and knowledgeable. A Film Lab is the lab we used before starting our own, so we definitely recommend them!

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Safelight Berlin - Berlin, Germany

If you've been to Berlin then you've probably heard of Safelight! They're a great lab, run by great people. They also sell film, cameras and loads of crazy accessories. This is the place to be for film shooters in Berlin!

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Take It Easy Film Lab - Leeds, UK

Another fresh face in the film lab scene! Take It Easy are a brand new lab based in Leeds, England. They're great guys and they've been a huge help for us. If you're in the UK and you're looking to try out a new lab, give these guys a go!

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Sagrada Pelicula - Aveiro, Portugal

When in Portugal, we recommend Sagrada Pelicula! They're located in the lovely town of Aveiro and they also take mail-in orders. They offer great scans, with your choice of either a Fuji SP3000 scanner or a Hasselblad Imacon scanner!

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