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Who are we? Extended

Cole and Raph in the FilmNeverDie lab, 2019 

Cole and Raph at the FilmNeverDie lab, 2019


FilmNeverDie's iconic store at 640 Bourke St.


FilmNeverDie's iconic store at 640 Bourke St.





Hi, we’re Cole and Raph,

We've been best mates for well over a decade. Like most of you, we started shooting film some years ago, after borrowing our parents' old SLRs. Out of that came a real passion for analog photography.

While living in Melbourne, we worked at FilmNeverDie, one of the most iconic photo labs in Australia. This is where Gary, living legend and FilmNeverDie’s creator, took us under his wing and taught us everything we needed to know about running a modern day film lab.

It is in Australia that the idea of Mori Film Lab first arose. We had been film shooters for a long time and customers of countless labs in Belgium and Australia. Once back in Belgium, we decided to create the lab we always wished for as customers.

We wanted a place that would create a sense of cohesion for the local film community. A place where it is safe to buy used film cameras without having to resort to eBay or private sellers that will sell you a "Mint+++++" camera, only to find out once you've received it that the back is falling off.

And most importantly we needed to create a lab that could fulfill the 'HOLY TRINITYof film developing: QUALITY, SPEED and AFFORDABILITY. 

No more waiting for days with no updates for your film to magically appear in your spam folder. No more choosing between high quality scans or being able to buy a sandwich for lunch.

After months of work, we were finally able to create that space. It’s a place where you will be able to get your film developed, scanned at the highest resolution, come look at exhibitions featuring local artists, have a coffee and receive the best help possible when choosing your new film camera.

Welcome to Mori Film Lab!