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120 Film

Ilford Delta 3200 B&W 120 film


Ilford Delta 3200 is a professional film stock. Delta is Ilford's series of T-grain film. Delta 3200 is a high-speed black and white film stock. It has an amazing exposure latitude, and it was designed for flexibility in exposure and in developing.

As a high-speed film, Delta 3200 obviously won't have the world's finest grain. However, it makes up for that with how flexible it is in developing! It can be rated at 3200 or 6400 ISO for higher contrast and grain, or at 800 for lower contrast but extended shadow detail. Delta 3200 is the only high speed black and white film in Medium Format.

Ilford HP5 Plus is sold in individual rolls

  • Film Type: Black and white
  • Format: 120
  • ISO: 3200