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Workshop - Black and White Developing Class


Black and white developing workshop at Mori Film Lab.



- 28th JANUARY


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Learn how to develop your own black in white film in this 4h course!

We will meet you at 10:30 am at the shop for a short introduction. You will then receive a roll of 35mm black and white film and we will head out for a one hour photowalk around the area.

Once back we will take a quick lunch break and get to the developing and scanning part.

What’s included in this course?

Everything needed for developing is supplied, including a roll of 35mm film. We only ask you to bring your own camera and your lunch.

Don’t have a camera? You can also rent one of ours for the day*

Course is multi lingual and will be given in French, English and Dutch depending on the attendees.

*small fee of 10 euros applicable. Payable on the day.