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Guide - Learn how to use your camera without a light meter. 📸


Guide to film photography - Learn how to use your camera without a light meter!

Understand and read light for a great exposure WITHOUT an automatic mode.

Become fully independent in your photography with our essential guide to film exposure! 

Exposure can sometimes seem a bit complicated but with the technique I will teach you today you will be able to understand it and master it in no time with only a bit of practice. 📸

So say goodbye to your lightmeter!

In this course you take you through the basic of exposure then then teach you how to use your mechanical camera without the use of any external tools like a lightmeter, your smartphone or your camera’s automatic mode. 

Available in both French and English 🇫🇷🇬🇧

A word from Raph “ In this course, I explained to you the trick I’ve been using for over eight years to achieve perfectly exposed pictures without ever needing an external light meter. During my travelling years, I was always obsessed with having the lightest set up possible, so I would take my fully mechanical camera, but would always have to either rely on the imprecise built in light meter or a heavy external light meter. Then one day, I stumbled on this method and was completely hooked because of how easy and rapidly applicable it is. Since then I’ve barely ever use a light meter again and always have well exposed pictures. Here are some pictures I took using this method: “