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Develop with us - Info and pricing

☀️ ➡️ Summer holiday season is upon us so there are some changes so to accommodate the bigger influx of film there are some temporary modifications in the way we operate: 

From 01/06 until 15/09: Rush is 10€ per roll.
Rush under the professional program will be 5€ euros per roll instead of free.
Announced turnaround time will be between 4 to 7 working days.
Scan only order will take 7 working days.

Want to develop with us?

Here’s the short version of what we offer. If you’d like to know more feel free to scroll a little bit lower on this page. 💫

There are 3 easy ways to get your film to us.

🏠 In store.

Come and meet us! You can drop your film off for developing and scanning at the store on Rue du Croissant 66B, Forest from Tuesday to Saturday 12-6pm.

📮 Mori Dropbox.

We have a super easy Dropbox system that allows you to drop your film off at various different locations all over Brussels and Belgium. All you have to do is fill in an online form, put your film in one of the boxes and we’ll take care of the rest! 

➡️ Click here to discover which Mori Dropbox is closest to you📍

📩 Mail-in.

We receive film from all over the world! 🌍  In fact more than 30% of our customers send us their film by mail.
To do this too simply fill out the 
mail-order processing form and mail your film to us together with your name and phone number. You will be billed once we receive your order and your scans will be released upon payment.

Pick your developing and scanning offer: 

Our developing and scanning options are available in 24 hours with our Rush Service (+€5 per roll).

And if you’re a professional shooting film you can check out our Professional-Program for FREE RUSH on all your rolls. 💎

And finally, if you want to print your pictures we offer an online printing service you can find right here: Print your images here.




Now if you’re still here it means you might be looking for more. So… 

How do we work?

At Mori Film Lab, we’ve always been focused on providing convenient, affordable and super high-quality film developing and scanning services.

And everything we’ve been doing since we opened in December 2020 has been to achieve this ideal. 

Our services:

Our services revolve around our 3 main developing and scanning offers:

🌱 Lite-scans

Lite-scans are intended for beginners or for those small memories that don’t really require high-resolutions scans. Only available for 35mm colour, they’re a great option for when you’re looking for a more affordable option. We usually advice them for disposable cameras, when you have a new camera to quickly test or when you’re taking images without a high artistic value.

While they get the same treatment as all our other scans (high quality developing, individual scans, rotation and checks) their size being almost 4x smaller than our standard scans, it does not give a good representation of how good your images could be. Being “Lite” they also won’t take too much space on your phone or hard drive.

Resolution: 2000x3000p - 6MP JPEG

Price: €9.5 for 35mm (C41)

☀️ HighRes-scans:

This is our favourite option. The highest quality Fuji Frontiers scanners can offer with beautiful colours and impeccable sharpness. With real time spent on your roll, the focus here is on the image quality and reducing the dust naturally occurring in your scans.

It’s the best option for anyone that is looking to get the best out of their scans. These scans allow you to directly do almost everything with your images, from edits to large prints your file is yours to play with.

Resolution: 3600 x 5400 - 20MP JPEG*

Price: €13 for 35mm (C41 & BW)

€14 for 120 (C41 & BW)

*for 35mm or 6x9 frame equivalent. For 120 resolution varies on the format.

⚡️⚡️ Ultra-scans:

Our high end option. Remember when we said that the HighRes-scans was the highest quality FujiFrontiers can offer? Well, that is true for 99% of the labs but not for us.
We won’t go into any of the boring details but thanks to our modern lab setup we were able to find a way to output even bigger files from our already exceptional Fuji Frontier scanners. Meaning we’re now the only lab in Europe able to output 25MP files with the colour accuracy that the Fuji Frontier provides.

This is pretty much the best option you can get before moving towards something like an imacon or drum-scanner. It will give you amazing colours, great sharpness and all the info you need to fine tune your image just the way you like it.

Resolution: 6200 x 4100 - 25MP TIFF + Borders by default.

➡️ On top of our developing and scanning services we offer all the other options needed from a quality lab.

Here’s an outline of our different options and pricing:

High quality Develop Only:

We develop C41 and BW in 35mm and 120 formats.

Unfortunately we currently do not develop ECN-2 film anymore.

 35mm C41/BW €6
120 C41/BW €8
Push processing  €2*

*per stop

HighRes-Scan Only:

35mm and 120 film. We scan 35mm film, half-frame, Xpan panorama as individual high-res frames and all 120 formats up to 6x9.

Uncut €8
Cut film €10
Diapositives/single frames €5 start out fee + €0.5/frame

Ultra-Scan Only:

35mm film only

Uncut film €13
Cut film €15
Single Frames €5 start out fee + €1/frame

Extra options:

Tiff scans

Scans with borders €2*
Xpan, Washi, Ripped film (Manual scans €3*
Rush Dev & Scans €5*
Push Processing €2*

*price per roll/per stop

We also process disposable cameras. Price is the same as 35mm C-41.

⏳ Turnaround time:

Our turnaround time varies depending on how busy we are. On average orders are completed within 2-5 working days. 

⏱️ In a rush?

We offer a RUSH developing and scanning service for both colour and black and white film at an additional €5 per rolls. Your order will then be ready on the same day if you drop your rolls off before 2pm and the next day if you drop them off between 2pm and 6pm.

If you’re a professional shooting film, we understand how important it is to receive your images rapidly. For this reason we have created a Professional-Program allowing you to get RUSH processing at no additional cost. You can Apply for the Program here.

🏞️ Prints

Note that we do not offer proofings to avoid excessive waste.

However, if you want to print your pictures we offer an online printing service right here: Print your images here.

They’re high quality prints made on Fuji Lustre semi matte paper. They’re the perfect prints to match the quality of our scans ☀️

🎞️ Archival

We cut and sleeve negatives by default, but we can leave them uncut if needed.
You will receive an email notifying you when your negatives are available for pick.

Negatives are kept for 3 months after processing. Negatives that are not picked up after 3 months will be recycled.

Scan files stay on our Dropbox server for 3 months.

If you can’t pick up your negatives you can ask us to add them to an online order or send us an email so we can post your negatives to you.


 How are we special?

First of all, we’re a lab created and run by passionated people with the aim of bringing what’s best to the local film community.

But good intentions are meaningless without real action

So for you we built the following:

Easy and Bullet Proof film drop off system

Whether you drop your film off in store or send it through the mail we built a completely digital film drop off system.
This allows you to confidently drop your film off and us to easily track and monitor your orders.

High Resolution Scanning 

We built a complete virtual scanner environment, which allows us to use our high-quality scanners in a way never seen before.
They’re now much faster and scan in a higher quality. This means we can offer higher resolution scans for less.

High Quality scanning 

Our team is trained and dedicated to getting the best out of your images so contrarily to most labs we scan, rotate, colour- and dust check each frame individually. Ensuring you receive your picture in the their possible condition.


You will receive your films in a Dropbox link that stays available for 3 months.
Each roll inside will be properly labelled roll by brand, type and iso.


What should I choose?

So you’re still hesitant about which service to choose.

If you really hesitate between our Lite-scans and HighRes-scans, we have found that our HighRes-scans are often the best option.

To us it’s the perfect balance between high quality and affordability. It’s only 3 euros more than the Lite-scans but will give you enough quality so that you most likely will never have to scan your rolls again.

If you’re hesitant between the HighRes-scans and our Ultra-scans. What am I going to do with these scans? If you need them for fine art printing, heavy editing or archiving then Ultra-scans might be the answer. Otherwise our HighRes-scans will probably do the job just fine.

Borders or No-Borders ?

We love them but this one is purely based on preferences.

Pro-Borders arguments would be:

If you want a bit more info on border scans you can read our blogpost about it right here: Should you get Full-Frame scans?

Let’s get technical.

Alright so this is the part we love but that only the 1% will really care about. The geeky and technical stuff.

So let’s get down to business!

Which machines do we use?

For scanning:

For Developing:

Which chemistry do we use?

How does this all work together?

Our set up is quite unique and something we’re really proud off. All of our scanners work completely virtualised on a central server. This allowed us to bypass the limitations that these early 2000s scanners are facing in a modern world.

For example in most labs one SP500 scanner needs one computer running windows XP and one operator to scan one roll. Because of this one roll scanned in high resolution would take between 13 to 18 minutes of processing time, that’s on top of the actually scanning of the roll that can range from 1 to 5 minutes.

With our system a single scanner takes around 5 minutes to process a roll in high resolution but because the computers are virtualised one operator can run our 6 scanners at the same time allowing for much better and faster work.

We’re also one of the rare labs that are running both C41 and BW in pull through processor.

For us, the conversion done on our V30 Noritsu allows to develop black and white faster and in much higher quality than possible in a drum processor. For you, it means you will receive your rolls faster and with less dust and imperfections than hand processing would.