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Private Course 2h - Darkroom Printing


This is a 2h private course.

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Learn how to print your own black in white pictures in this 2h private course!

Shooting film is fun, receiving your high-res scans straight to your email is amazing but holding your physical photo is a world away from seeing it on a screen. There's just something magical about holding a photograph that YOU made from start to finish and this is what we want to teach you!

During this 2h private course we will teach you everything you need to know to start printing your own images in our darkroom.

With our teacher being there every step of the way this is the fastest way for you to go from having no experience to being super confident in the darkroom.

This course is also ideal if you already have some experience but have a specific darkroom technique you would like to learn or improve on.

At the end of the two hours you will be able to bring your very own, handmade prints home!

 What’s included in this darkroom course?

  • A complete introduction to the world darkroom printing.
  • An explanation of the equipment and how to use an enlarger.
  • Print from your choice of negative.
  • all basic chemicals and equipments 
  • 10 sheets of paper
  • Bring your own hand made print home.

     Please don’t forget to bring black and white negatives you wish to print with!

    Course is multi lingual and will be given in French and English depending on the attendees.

    Taking this course will also automatically give you access to our darkroom membership.