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Mori Film Lab award of the month ! 🏆

June 03, 2021

Mori Film Lab award of the month ! 🏆

Mori Film Lab award of the month ! 🏆

Each month we select one of our favourite pictures taken by our customers and share it on our social media, in our newsletter and on our website ☀️

This page is used to display the work of the past winners of the award of the month.

Want your work to be displayed here? All you have to do to be part of this competition is to tag us in your pictures on Instragram @morifilmlab



And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @enzoleroy_indissoc!

« J’ai pris cette photo avec mon Nikon Nikkormat FT, en utilisant de la Kodak Gold200 pendant un de mes séjours en Bretagne. Avec Anna et Haku nous nous baladons sur la Pointe de Feunteun Aod. Au sommet, nous nous arrêtons dans cette lumière de fin d’après-midi pour admirer l’océan à nos pieds. Et je capte ce moment de tendresse entre mes deux sujets photographiques préférés. »


And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @matthiashanssens!

« I am currently working on a project about my hometown where I grew up and started one of Brussels too. During the lockdown I started with taking long walks with my mamiya 645 and documenting things around me. I recently bought a mamiya 7 and this photo is one from the first roll that I tested with portra 400 in Brussels. I like to travel no matter where but mostly colours, shades and compositions appeals to me. »


And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @tsasacha!

« J'avais dans mon Contax 139Q une pellicule Cinestill 800T à finir et j'avais envie de m'essayer à quelque chose que j'ai moins l'habitude de faire. J’ai appelé des amis pour voir s’ils étaient partant pour un shooting et ça s’est fait spontanément ! Il n'y avait pas de concept de base mais je savais que je voulais inspirer la froideur et l'unicité puisque j'aime lorsqu'un simple et parfois petit détail vient apporter toute son esthétique à une photo. »


And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @daphne_aul!

« Par l'œil de mon Minolta j'ai photographié à Flaine - station de sports d'hiver habillée dans les années 70 par des artistes contemporains parmi les plus reconnus, cet immeuble dit en porte-à-faux conçu par l'architecte Marcel Breuer. Sa construction futuriste tirée d'un James Bond ou de Mon Oncle attire immédiatement le regard. »


And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @greg_evrard!

« J’ai pris cette photo à liège en rentrant de soirée après avoir raté mon train. Cette photo a été prise grâce à mon canon AE-1 en utilisant une CineStill 800T, c’est une combinaison que j’apprécie beaucoup ! J’adore utiliser de la pellicule Tungstène pour capturer des moments du quotidien au gré de mes ballades. »

- 2021


And this months’ #morifilmlab goes to @bluemymind203!

« I took this photo the last summer days in Crete this September with my new Mamiya 645 pro using a Kodak Porta 400 film.

I like capturing nature landscapes, nautical objects and people in them. The moments where they connect with themselves and nature.
I’m trying to do so through my work with my jewelry, create shapes and textures inspired by nature that will bring us closer to our natural world and self. »



And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @t.berhaut 

Le bain est une photo tirée d’une semaine passée sous le soleil catalan, l’été dernier, prise avec mon cher et vieillissant Minolta SRT101 chargé de la bientôt regrettée Kiro 400..”


And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @tomaszcibulla_photography!

“This picture was taken during a very foggy morning, not too far from my parents house in Poland. I equipped myself with two flims: A Kodak Vision3 800T for the Olympus, and a Rollei Retro 400, for the Konica. Since taking this, the Retro 400 has become my go-to roll for grey day shooting.”



And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @denverdcl!

“I've been taking pictures on and off for the better part of a decade. Years of shooting digital left me unhappy with my results. I then embraced analogue photography, which quickly became my way of enjoying photography as I once did. 

My trusty Rolleicord accompanies me on every trip I make. So it did in Porto. We got up at 5am to catch the first light at the beach. Armed with some delicious Ektar, I captured the things that caught my eye, the things that made that morning special to me. When it comes to photography there's a joy in letting go of perfection and following your mood."


And this months’ #morifilmlab award goes to... @michael.achard!

“I shot this picture with my Nikon FM2 and a 35mm Nikkor lens. It was loaded with a roll of Fuji Superia 400 film and taken during the 1st photowalk organized by Mori Lab.
I could not describe my style easily, I just like to grab my film camera on any occasion to shoot what sparks my attention. I rarely go out with a specific idea. However, I always try to work on my compositions with attention to detail. I use what the environment provides me to practice. Lately, I also started to do street portraits which I enjoy a lot."


This month’s #morifilmlab award goes to... @ruvecht!

This picture was shot on Kodak Portra 800 with a Miranda Sensomat RS.  “J’aime réaliser des images avec mes petites sœurs. Généralement on part dans des prairies et on passe de bon moment, des moments qui seront inoubliables à jamais”


This month’s #morifilmlab award goes to... @andre_motions !

This picture was shot with a Mamiya C220 using Portra 400 «I photograph things and scenes that grab my attention and come together in an interesting way during my photo walks, could it be urban landscapes or untouched nature.»

Portra 400 beach picture


This month’s #morifilmlab award goes to... @ukrainian_mark !

This picture was shot on Kodak Ektar 100 with an Mamiya RB67 Pro SD and a 180mm KL lens. “I’ve shot candid portraits of strangers since I’ve discovered film photography, now I’m diving into posed portraiture and experimenting with available light, here is my first attempt”

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