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Fine art print - DIBOND


Fine art printing service - Dibond

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📷 Transform Your Images into Stunning Prints!

Thanks to our partner "Artem Prod "we are very happy to offer you a new way to print and display your images! 

Dibond printing is a process used to create high quality prints by applying them directly to a material called Dibond. Dibond is a sandwich of two metal sheets with a solid center, resulting in a durable and AMAZING looking image that you can directly display.

How to get the best results for your print?

To ensure the best possible outcome for your print, follow these simple steps:

1. Choose the perfect paper.

We offer 2 types of paper, each available in 2 finishes:

➡️ Canson paper is our entry level photo paper available in 270g Satin (slightly glossy) or 210g RagMat (matte finish).

➡️ Hahnemühle is our high-end option, highly praised for its quality. It is avaible in 315g Baryta (slightly glossy/satin) or 308g Rag (matte finish).

2. Select Your Preferred Size.

From our different option please choose the size that is the closest to what you are looking for.

Unlike our regular printing service, we always maintain the aspect ratio and cropping of your provided image. The size will be determined by the shortest side of the image

So for example if you want to print a square image and select the 10x15 option. We will print your image as a 10x10 print. If you select 20x30, we will print your image as a 20x20.

3. Ensure Proper Cropping.

Make sure your image is appropriately cropped as we will print the image at the aspect ratio you provided us.

4. Fixation

Decide if you want a built-in fixation for your print. This option is available at no additional cost.

5. Shipping conditioning

If you require your print to be shipped we charge a fixed conditioning price of 12.77€. This is to insure your high quality print work is packed up properly and arrives to you safely. It does not include additional shipping costs. You do not need to pay this if you come and pick up your print in store.

5. Upload

Please upload your images in JPEG and in the highest resolution you have.
If you scan your rolls with us you won't have to worry about this but if the scans are from another lab, make sure you ask them for high resolution for the best results.

⏰ Turnaround:

Our turnaround time for prints is 7 days. Please always place your order through the website as it allows us to be plan our work and be more efficient.

When going through with the payment you will be able to choose whether you want to pick up your order in store or get it shipped to you.

➡️ Please note that quick checkout options like Apple Pay or Google Pay will automatically make you pay for shipping.


You will be able to print your pictures from 10x15cm all the way to A2.
Here are the sizes offered by default:

42x59,4 cm (A2)


20x30 cm

10x15 cm

"Artem Prod" are experts in photo printing. We offer photo printing on Dibond aluminium of exceptional quality, using premium art papers, for stunning results.

ℹ️ Technical details: 

- Our prints are produced using a 12-colour fine art inkjet printing process on premium art paper.

- We use a stable 3 mm Dibond aluminum panel that offers exceptional durability and stability.

- Our lamination technique involves using high quality paper like Hähnemuhle Photo, made of 100% cotton. Unlike direct printing on aluminum, this method ensures the best possible color reproduction and detail to enhance your photographs.

- Laminating your print onto aluminum Dibond provides unparalleled design and benefits, including professional precision, faithful colour reproduction, incredible sharpness, and long-term durability.

Experience the magic of turning your images into stunning prints with our Dibond printing service!