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SPECIAL DEAL: Kodak Portra 400 120 film

Unique deal, Portra 400 in 120 for less than half price! 🤩

➡️ Be cool, leave some for everyone. Max 5 rolls per person 😉

We managed to secure a small stock or Portra 400 in 120 at a really good price and we really want to make sure you can profite from it!

Portra 400 for less than 10 euros a roll? How is that possible?
-> Well we found a BIG lot of film that we managed to acquire for a reasonable price.

The film only expired recently (expiry dates are between 06/23 to 10/23) but has been kept in really good condition.

We shot a few rolls of it and could not see any signs of age at all so you can shoot it just like you would shoot a fresh roll.


Kodak Portra 400 is a professional film stock. It's probably the most popular film stock at the moment. It has an extremely wide exposure latitude, fine grain, amazing skin tones, good shadow detail, etc.. Is there anything Portra 400 can't do?

Whether you're shooting sunny weddings or cityscapes at night, Portra 400 will work in any setting!

Kodak Portra 400 is sold in individual rolls, but we'll include the cool 'pro pack' box when you order 5+ rolls!

  • Film Type: Colour Negative (C-41)
  • Format: 120 (medium format)
  • ISO: 400