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24/7 Film Drop-off at Mori Film Lab

février 15, 2021

24/7 Film Drop-off at Mori Film Lab

Getting your film to us just got a lot easier!

Our lab is open to public from 12-6, Tuesday to Saturday.

We know that for some people this schedule can make it a bit hard to find the time to come and drop your film off.

This is why we wanted to come up with a way that would make it super easy and convenient to get your film to us for the best treatment possible.

Introducing: The Film Dropbox!

It’s actually a well know concept. You put your film in our post-box, we empty it and develop your rolls. We just tried to make the experience as easy and fool-proof as possible.

How to use the Dropbox?

At home: Prepare your rolls.

Put them together in an enveloppe (or any other container) alongside a note with your name and phone number.

At the shop: 

  • Scan the QR code.
  • Fill in the online form -> Use the notes section to give us any extra information (push, tiffs, ripped film... ).
  • Put your rolls in the box.
  • Wait for the payment link to be sent by email.


When will I receive my scans?

We empty the box every (working day) morning. We then check your order and send you the payment link. Once you have payed standard processing time apply (you can find those here).

How do I pay?

No need to put any cash in the envelope! You pay though the payment link we provide.
We accept all most common types of payment like Paypal, Bancontact, CB, Maestro, MasterCard and Visa.

Is it safe/theft-proof?

While we can’t 100% guarantee your film we have done our best to render our Dropbox theft-proof. It is bolted to our metal gate making it virtually impossible to pull off and we replaced the lock to make it tighter and stronger. 

The box is also monitored by our cameras 24/7.

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