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Disposable cameras

While we do process disposable cameras we have decided not to sell them.

As a lab, being in an industry that is not the most eco friendly we try really hard to have the smallest impact possible on the environnement. 

We get it, disposable camera pictures have a very distinct look that we all really love but they do come with a lot of drawbacks...

The main one is that most single use cameras actually go straight to landfill and are not recycled like they used to be in the 90s. So every single disposable camera you use will stay around pretty much for ever.

Not really worth it for 36 pictures if you ask us. 😉

But luckily there are alternatives, like the Nao REUSABLE camera present on this page. It will give you the exact same look and feel as a disposable camera but is actually completely reusable. This means you can reload it with any film you’d like and once you’ve shot 3 rolls through it will have paid for itself!

If you are looking for something with a better quality than a disposable but that is still super simple to use go check out our collection fully refurbished point & shoot cameras