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FilmNeverDie Umi 800 35mm film

UMI is the newest adaptation and evolution of FilmNeverDie's iconic IRO 色 series film.
UMI is a Tungsten balanced C41 film (Umi means sea in Japanese). This film with cooler tones is perfect for low light and night time photography.

UMI is a 800 ISO colour negative film with 36 exposures. The packaging was specially designed by the talented graphic designer Edmund Li from Malaysia. 

We love this film and we're sure you will too!

At the moment there are all hand-rolled meaning we only have small quantities to start. These first few batch might be susceptible to some light leaks.

Each roll comes in a fully recyclable paper based packaging.

Film Type: Colour Negative, C-41


Photos by @ineedmoresocks_